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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year


been so long that i have not update this blog right ? fuhh , lately , i'm always busy , 

okay , firstly , i want to wish you Happy New Year 2012 , fuhh , pejam celik pejam celik , dah 2012 , sekejap je , weee , 

saya nak ucapkan , bebanyak terima kasih kepada yang wish saya happy new year eve samada dalam facebook , twitter , or BBM , thank you so much dear , :) appreciate that . 

I'm hoping that we are bless by Him during this year , i mean new year 2012 , :)

here there are , that sempat saya muncher via BBM , 

thanks for one more time friends :) 

in this new year too , for me , 2012 is everything to me , SPM Examination , fuhh , wish me luck guys ! i know , disamping support my parents and siblings , need your support too , i will doing my best ! i'm really excited and nervous when this new year was arrived :\ .

and also , this new year i will get my new niece , because my sister will be giving birth , i can't wait it , pray for her safety when the due come out okay , this May , 

hope to see you in another post , chill :)

thanks stalkers for reading


Leods said...

happy new year buddy !

Anonymous said...

happy new year :)

Shafiq Izhamir said...

happy new year to you too dear

Shafiq Izhamir said...

@era kecik
happy new year to you too dear Era