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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Randomly --'

Assalamualaikum ,

Hi guys , how are you doing ? Hope you're fine , alhamdullillah , so , day by day , we are getting old right ? And sometimes , we have to think forward for our future , make it bright , not dark as black hole . LOL . Heheh ,

Uhh , before that , have you got your own licences ? That's what I want to tell you , right now , I'm in process to make that licences , so that I'll not to ask someone helps to go anywhere that I want , hehe ,

Anything else to write here ? I don't have any ideas anymore , maybe , my brain getting " beku " , hahah , this is my first time update my blog using iPad , more easier lah , heheh , it's because touch-touch kot , hehehe

I have something to tell you that , I'm really want to have ' Abang ' again , seriously , don't know why , nonsense ' but seriously , I'm craving to have it , heheh ,

Hey guys , didn't you notice that , people nowadays , if they are just like us , they will stay with us , but , when they are keep forward , they will forget us and making their face , " muka bangang " , people like this , don't deserve to be my friend because they are selfish , not " jual ikan " okay

I think it already enough for this morning , so , good night , sleep tight ,

thanks stalkers for reading

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kem PLKN Jiwa Murni in memories

assalamualaikum .

firstly , i want to tell you that , i'm just finished my national service at Kem Jiwa Murni Gunung Semanggol , Perak , on 16 of march 2013 . seriously , being a PLKN trainer totally awesome and cool . Besides that , we can  gain experience for ourself . just so you know , other people can't have this experience except the choosen one . jyeahhh , i'm proud of being one of them .

at first , when i arrived there , i was like , ' OMG , this place is so creepy and freaking out ' , and after that , we had to make our registration at the counter , and we as first group arrived there , had to wait for 2 or 3 groups that arrived to become national service as me . hohoho .

and after 2 or 3 weeks there , i can suit myself there , seriously , i was happy , and enjoy so much with my friends there .umpphhhhh , totally awesome , okay , then our activities were happened , and the rest , let the pics talk

pose as you want guys . hahaha

yeahhh , we are SUPER DUPER awesome :D

me with best friend at PLKN . forever best friend

wirawati with abang askar 

being annoyed --'

HORMAT ke hadapan , HORMAT !!

this is not my shirt , they were exchange it with me , and saya terus buang tong sampah , 

we were looks like awesome , LOL

the handsome guy with his best friend .

me , with botak version , LOL

with abang bahang KL .

with kelly , and sorry if my eyes bengkak , crying .

we are macho :D

Add caption

muka lepas nangis memang tak leh bla .

we are proud being PLKN trainees .

i'm just uploads quater of all my photos that took there , if i wish to upload all the photos , maybe it'll take my time for 2 days , because , 0/578 , about to die to complete uploads . tettt , so , what's your opinion about PLKN ? enjoy or sad being stayed here ? if you are choosen to be here , do you'll come and serve your service as trainer here ? 

there , my friends were from various religious and racial , in the same time , we can share our culture with them , and same goes to them sharing with us .for your information , there , the coaches taught us to be more independence , how to face hardlife , survivor . so , it's not a waste time for me and my friends were in the National Service . jyeahhhh . 

to those with bad think about PLKN , better you forget it because , when you are going and being one of service national , you'll know how i feel being as a PLKN trainer . did you get it ? have fun and enjoy there .

i'm hoping that , i can meet back all my friends there . i miss you guys .

thanks stalkers for reading