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Monday, April 14, 2014

Test from ALLAH

Hello peeps , meet again yeah . 

I have something to tell all of you . 
This is a sad news . And I'm terrible sad 😢 . 

My mak is admitted in hopsital . She's suffering from Batu Karang and now I'm on leave just to see my beloved mak. But then tonight ( Tuesday ) I have to go back to Kuantan because my class on Wednesday , the lecturers will be there as they come back from ' Kursus ' . 

This is the big test ever in my life , which is I have to sacrifice for my mak as my final exam just around the corner . But it's not a big deal to me as long as my Mak's health speedy recovery , inshaallah  . Amin . 

Allah please help my family and I especially my mak , please protect us and give us so miracle . I don't want my mak be in this condition . Also help me in my final exam , make my life going smoothly and ease everything . I know , I'm not a good guy but please do give me a guidance to not stray away from your path . 

And also give them a full of bliss to my beloved friends which is they are a part of my life too . I love them so much . Hope that our friendship will last forever . 

And thanks to my beloved Abang , which is capital SA , thank you so much for understanding me even though I have make your life goin up and down . You're so meaningful for me . You heard my problems , my life and everything . I hope our brotherhood will last forever and no one can break it up . 

Thank you so much . I'm nothing without all of you guys . ❤️😍😘 

thanks stalkers for reading

Friday, April 11, 2014

Charity at Rumah Anak-Anak Yatim

Hello peeps . I got story for you .

*selfie is must . Lol 

That's all . So much fun to met those kids 

thanks stalkers for reading