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Thursday, July 12, 2012

spend time with new lens 50mm

assalamualaikum !

a few days ago , my blog already update with stupid entry , so , arini , aku nak update sikit lagi , ala , jangan risau , aku bukan nak merapu , but nak uploads pics je , okayy , so , cuci mata je la :)

while at home , near the river ,

@shopping mall with this kid , he was very happy on his stroller , Inglesina

yeahhh , this ' thing ' make me annoying , because , whole day ritu , rata-rata eskalator not function

7.15 p.m at pusat bandar Kota Bharu ,

yeahh , that a little bit of my profession that i can , *kwang3

so , i think my entry will stop here , anyway , thanks for reading my annoying feeling or the captions of the image , whateverlah , so kbye ,

thanks stalkers for reading


Anonymous said...

stakat ambik gambar mcm tu semua org boleh dohh -__- pakai kamera phone pon boleh....btw apa yang cantiknya gamabr2 tu ?aku tak nampak apa yang cantiknya pon....